While I’ve been a student of meditation, energy work, spirituality, and mysticism since before I was a teenager, I also grew up surrounded by stubbornly pragmatic Midwesterners. As such, it’s always been important to me that I be able to talk about what I do in a way that's accessible to beginners, skeptics, straight-shooters, and other so-called regular folks.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to debate you or try to prove the effectiveness of any of the techniques that I am trained in. It just means that I understand doubt and that I believe impenetrable jargon can prevent otherwise helpful modalities from seeming relevant to your life.

I sometimes think of what I do as “black t-shirt energy work”–just as a black t-shirt can exist on a spectrum from Saturday-afternoon casual to Saturday-night trendy, from down-home comfort to urban edginess, I aim to make psychic reading, reiki, and crystal healing fit your style.