Allison Felus


Loose Ends and Loneliness

Image of Loose Ends and Loneliness

"About seven months after college graduation, I’d come back to Indiana for my best friend’s wedding in Bloomington on December 29. I remember heading out of town the day after the ceremony, driving toward my childhood home in Northwest Indiana, feeling the discomfort of being on the hinge of a new year with no plans to speak of. I’d recently gotten really into Bjork’s music and was listening to 'Big Time Sensuality' in the car. She sang, 'I don’t know my future after this weekend / and I don’t want to.' And I thought, 'Oh. That’s me right now.'"


This zine about life's grey areas features contributions from Tris Carpenter, Brian Cremins, Allison Felus, Richard Hodge, Annie P. Ruggles, Liz Shulman, and Tony Trigilio.